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It's Still Summer!

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

August is upon us--- how are you feeling about that, homeschool mom? Everyone I meet expresses what I often think, “I can’t believe it’s August! Summer is nearly over--- it’s never long enough!” Still, if this summer is like every other, I expect that within a couple weeks I’ll be hearing moms say they are looking forward to a return to the orderliness of regular school schedules and responsibilities.

When I feel like “Oh, no! Summer’s ending and I’m not ready!” I take a deep breath and check the calendar: August 1. Since (I decided that) we start school after Labor Day, we still have four more weeks of summer vacation. Four weeks of vacation is a long time; even if that were the ONLY vacation, it would still be a long one. Just because the retail world of back-to-school calls out for attention and our traditionally schooling counterparts begin by mid-August, that doesn’t mean we must give up our summer too early.

I’m sure there are things you wanted to do this summer that you haven’t done. Think hard about those things--- if you really want to do them, write them on your calendar and do them! But I hope you’ll guard out some days for “doing nothing” because NOTHING recharges energy like doing NOTHING for a little while.

There is still time for a short project like painting a room or organizing a closet. There is still time for cheap family fun like having a bonfire or going to the beach. There is still time for a couples getaway, and still time for a little personal babysitting with another mom and carve out some personal time!

Are you all planned for the school year? I’m mostly planned--- still a bit more to do to be all ready to start, but I’m putting a planning day on my calendar rather than stressing out about “not being ready.”

As you plan, don’t forget to count all the school time that was accomplished this summer: Swimming, biking, or other outdoor activities--those are P.E. Did your child continue with music or other lessons or go to educational camps over the summer? Did you take in any cool museums or historical landmarks? Count up these hours and include them--- you may already have a couple weeks of that new school year done.

As we move into the school year, I hope you will let me check in with you. I plan to post encouraging and helpful information twice a month to help you love your homeschooling life. When you subscribe, these posts will come to your inbox. If you have students in middle or high school, I’ll send you a video I’ve made for you to share with them: How to be Successful in a Class that Meets Once a Week.

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