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Lighthouse Teacher Services


Hi, I'm Susan Daniels. I've been a teacher for more than thirty years and a homeschool mom for more than twenty.  Homeschooling can be a difficult journey, but well worth the hard work involved. 

My mission is to help families along that journey.

I offer online and in-person classes in Spanish, writing and literature.


Students benefit from the interaction and personal attention of the small group setting, as well as the knowledge and enthusiasm of an experienced teacher. Parents benefit from having someone to help bear the teaching load and getting an objective assessment 

of their student's learning. 


Many parents seek out small-group classes or tutorials for teaching subjects they don't know or don't have the time to teach. Also, parents just starting to homeschool or transitioning to homeschooling high school value consulting with an experienced educator and homeschooler. I offer consultation for homeschool planning and presentations on topics related to homeschooling as well. I hope that you will choose me, and Lighthouse Teacher Services, to help you reach your homeschooling goals!


All the best in homeschooling to you!

~ Susan Daniels

Susan Daniels, owner and lead teacher of LTS, holds a bachelor's degree in Spanish and English Education from Kent State University and has taught in a variety of settings: public school, private tutoring center,  homeschool academy, and homeschool.

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