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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Hi. It’s great to meet you! I’m Susan Daniels, wife, mother, homemaker, and teacher. I’m a homeschool mom. I’m a communicator; I love to share important ideas that can help people.

Although we might be different in many ways, I think we have a lot in common. I know you want the best for your family. Have you chosen homeschooling or are you considering that? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of teaching your children all they need to know? Are you a little (or a lot) afraid of losing your identity, your important relationships, or the time you save out for your own self-care? If you answered yes to any of those, you and I might just have a lot in common. I know you love your kids, even though sometimes they make you a little crazy. Also you have other people in your life that you love, and those relationships are often good, but sometimes bad or ugly. These relationships can give to you, filling your heart and your bucket of emotional energy, or draining them. I hope you have many good things that fill your bucket, because raising children and well, just life, take a lot of emotional energy. Although I’ve been a homeschooling mom since 1997, I have some years left before all our kids are launched. I’m still in the trenches, but I’ve been at this long enough that I’ve seen most of what can happen. So I hope to encourage you, give light to your path, answers to your questions, and help to fill your bucket. I’ve been helped along my way by more experienced moms, and I want to give that kind of encouragement to you. I want to share with you the best ideas and methods I’ve learned, but I hope to do more than that. There are lots of “how-to-homeschool” blogs out there, but my goal is to go beyond that because homeschool mom is not all you are. As well as encouraging you in your homeschool life, I want to encourage you in your relationships, your self-care, and nurturing your special talents and interests, so that you really can love your homeschool life! My homeschooling journey has stretched over twenty years now, and along the way I’ve wrestled with things like my philosophy of education, teaching reading and writing, teaching reluctant (resistant?!) learners, math-phobia, the holes in my own education, selecting courses and writing transcripts for high school. Not only these though. Also, homeschooling through geographic moves, economic uncertainty, grief and loss, through puberty (theirs) and menopause (mine), and through a garden variety of traumas real and imagined (theirs and mine). Some years have been sunnier, others more challenging, but with ⅘ of my student-body graduated and out living their dreams, I can say it has been worth the struggles, and there are plenty of good memories and good relationships and they were prepared for life as adults. I want you to be able to say those things at the end of your homeschool journey too. May I walk along beside you on your homeschooling journey? I’ll listen to you, help you find good answers and time for what’s most important to you. Would you comment below and tell me more about yourself. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better and communicating the best ideas to help you love your homeschooling life.

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