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 Classes 2024-25

Homeschooled students excel in small-group classes! Click the "Learn More" icon to see full course information and to enroll. 

HIGh-Touch, personalized Classes

Class sizes are small  so that each student gets individual attention  and connection with the teacher.  

Spanish Language
Spanish language is a valuable skill for the workplace, for college preparation, and for enjoyment!  Classes are offered at beginning and advancing levels  for middle and high school students, with both conversational and grammatical emphasis.

Online - contact for availablity of online classes 
     Beginners through  Advancing Levels

In Person -
     High School Spanish -  first year beginners through advanced
     classes meet Wednesdays, September - May in 3 10-week sessions

      Middle School Beginniers - contact for availability 


English Composition & Literature

                 Online - contact for availability of online classes.

                 In Person Classes meet Wednesdays, September - May in 3  10-week sessions

                 Writing Workshops are 10-week, online  classes:

                 Beginning Writers I and II - for 7th  graders and above with little or no
                  writing experience, begins with the necessary grammar for building great                        sentences and paragraphs, moving to reports and essays.
                 High School Writing - teaching skills for a variety of high school writing                             assignments -- summaries, book reviews, expository and persuasive essays,                     the personal narrative, and the essay question response   
                  Research Paper - students will be led through the process of  selecting a                            topic, finding and utilizing good source materials, organizing their research,                    writing a high-quality research paper in the MLA format, and presenting                          their research to the class.
                  Writing about Literature - Students will read an important novel, analyze 
                  and respond to the work through short and longer essays.  
                 Literature classes for understanding and appreciation ---
                   Classic Novels  

                   World Literature  

                   American Literature  



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